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Are you looking for an Engineer?

We are specialists in the field of Engineering. This gives us a clear focus on a group which is increasingly valued, but which is also more demanding and selective. In this way, we put all of our daily effort into recruiting the best candidates for the best companies.

We are known for our customer proximity. We work by their side and we work hard to understand and meet their needs and company culture. We strive for excellence at all stages of the process.

In a world that operates through networks, we work day in day out to expand our value chain. We collaborate with leading institutions related to the world of Engineering: Universities, Professional Associations, Social Media, Digital Platforms, etc.


Engineers in our network of contacts.


processes successfully completed in 2017.


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Selection process

Our selection process is adapted to the needs of each client. With every client, we outline the focus areas and customise the process to ensure an excellent result.

01. Candidate search

We work with an extensive Database of Engineers and generate a growing network to find the best candidates.

02. Candidate screening

When contacting the candidate for the first time, we assess their suitability for the position they have applied for, as well as their interest and expectations regarding their professional future.

03. Personal interview

We carry out in-depth interviews with pre-selected candidates as a way of fine tuning the match of their profile and expectations with the position that is on offer, as well as their adjustment to the company environment.

04. Technical screening

We assess candidates’ knowledge in terms of the position and their ability to solve technical problems. We design technical tests to fit every need.

05. Psychological screening

Using psycho-technical tests, we assess candidates’ personality and skills. We customise the assessment according to the position’s points of major interest.

06. Language screening

We assess candidates’ oral expression skills, knowledge of vocabulary and comprehension skills in the required languages.

07. Psycho-Professional Report

We generate comprehensive reports on the candidate’s profile, detailing the conclusions from all of the previous tests and the feedback from the final interview, highlighting information which is relevant to the job role.

08. Follow-up

Our work does not end when the candidate starts their employment. We monitor their induction and their adaptation to the role and the company.


As Human Resources specialists in the field of Engineering, we provide companies with a comprehensive service that meets all their needs.

Mur&Martí Engineering

As specialists in the field of engineering, we find engineers of all specialities for all business sectors and functional areas: product research and development, production, processes, purchases, sales, operations, logistics…

Mur&Martí Technology

We support companies in their digital transformation process and in the industry’s constant technological innovation by providing the best Information Technology (ICT) professionals.

Mur&Martí Biotech

As experts in finding suitably qualified scientific-technological staff, we help and support businesses with their research and development projects in the field of biotechnology.

Global Recruitment

Globalisation is one of the key drivers of our companies’ growth. Our international networking allows us to find the best professionals in the countries in our vicinity to boost our clients’ successful expansion.

Executive Research / Headhunter

We identify the best professionals to provide optimum cover for our clients’ strategic positions, helping to improve their competitiveness in the market.

Technical Training

The engineering and technology world demand constant retraining. We work with specialised university lecturers and design training for companies. We provide face-to-face training at the company or online.


processes of average monthly offers for Engineers in 2017.


processes successfully completed in 2017.


international projects in 2017.