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Our Story

Mur & Martí is the initiative of two women: Carmen Mur and Anna Martí. Two entrepreneurs who, in 2015, decided to combine their dreams and energy to transform recruitment consultancy. Due to companies’ increasing commitment to innovation, development of digitalisation and new industrial challenges, they focused their attention on all areas of engineering.

Carmen Mur used to work at Basic, a high-level international secretarial school, before one day deciding to launch her first company: Teacher’s Group, with the aim of providing companies with the best secretaries. After contacting Manpower, one of the largest multinational companies in the temporary employment sector, this U.S. group decided to purchase her company and allowed her to continue as President and Managing Director in Spain, a position which she held from 1987 to 2012. That year, Manpower had 200 offices open across the country and a thousand direct employees. After leaving Manpower, Carmen Mur founded the consultancy firm ‘Impulsió de Negocis’, which specialised in SMEs.

Anna Martí is a Psychology graduate, patron and founder of the Eduard Punset Foundation, human resources and corporate social responsibility consultant, and lecturer at the University of Manresa. At 25 years of age, she was offered the opportunity to take charge of an HR consultancy in Manresa which she accepted. In 2012, Anna also decided to embark on another new project, a platform which facilitated meetings between engineers and companies. In 2014, when Carmen learned about the project, she decided to join her. Seeing that the project was a success, Carmen and Anna decided to develop the off-line business of Tuwing, creating Mur&Martí. With that, these two companies cover the on-line and off-line aspects of HR and engineering.

92% of our candidates value their experience with us.

87% of our clients recommend us.


Our aim is to achieve the perfect match between the needs of our clients and the aspirations of our candidates, acting in the best interests of both and ensuring a successful professional relationship.


Our aim is to be the benchmark in the recruitment of engineers of all specialities and for all activity sectors at a local and national level.


Commitment: we are committed to finding the best candidates for our clients and the best projects for our candidates.

Trust: we build relationships based on trust to guarantee success for our clients, candidates, suppliers and collaborators.

Respect: we respect diversity as an enriching aspect of our society. We are respectful in all of our interactions.

Loyalty: we build strong relationships based on honest and personalised treatment, ensuring the success of projects entrusted to us.

Corporate social responsibility

Being socially responsible means responding to society. Our main aspiration is to actively and consciously participate and collaborate to the smooth operation of the world we live in.

We help engineers find new projects in their area of work and we help companies find the most suitable professional at any time during their growth.

We are proud to work with non-profit entities on a voluntary basis in any country in the world in the search for engineers who will be able to carry out their projects so that society and the environment can enjoy the greatest benefits.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive expertise in the fields of Human Resources, Technology and Engineering.

We believe that diversity is the key to our company’s success. This makes us a group of people who complement each other to ensure the comprehensive and optimal management of services that we provide to our clients.

Join our team

The Mur&Martí team is continuing to grow. Don’t forget to submit your application if you’re passionate about the world of Recruitment and you’re drawn to the Engineering, innovation and technology environment.

Our advisory board

Our advisory board is an active and participatory body whose mission consists of supporting the work we carry out in our various areas of activity and strengthening the relationships between the various different actors that contribute to the process of encouraging and boosting innovation and promoting progress in our industry through science and technology.

The board membership is made up of prominent representatives of our business and technology ecosystem, each of whom actively and voluntarily collaborate with our management team in working towards improving our knowledge of the latest market trends and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the actions we take.

Regina Llopis

Holds a PhD in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence from BERKELEY and is today leading the group of AI companies working in the fields of energy, healthcare and finance, as well as serving as president of Grupo AIA – Algorithms for a Better World.

She is also both a global ambassador for the IWEC Foundation and a member of its management board.
Additionally, Regina is the co-founder and president of WA4 STEAM Women Angels 4 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture and Mathematics. Finally, she is a former director general of the Scientific Park of Barcelona and is responsible for managing projects with NASA’s Glenn Research Center in the USA.

Xavier Torra

Is the president of Eurecat, Centro Tecnológico de Cataluña, which provides services to more than 1,000 businesses, offering applied R&D solutions, technology services, highly specialised training provision and technology consultancy services.

He is also vice president of the ESADE Business School in Barcelona and a member of the advisory boards and boards of directors of some of the most prominent industrial companies in Catalonia.

Mateo Valero

Is an engineering specialist and a Doctor of Telecommunications at the Polytechnic Universities of Madrid (UPM) and Catalonia (UPC) respectively. He has been a lecturer since 1974 and Professor of Computer Architecture at UPC since 1983.

In 2004, Mateo founded the Barcelona Computing Center – Centro Nacional de Computación (BSC), which is home to the Mare Nostrum supercomputer and has more than 550 researchers working for it. He has also been the center’s director since its foundation.

Miguel Vicente

Is the co-founder and president of Antai Venture Builder, a leading startup accelerator in southern Europe, through which he has helped to promote and boost various projects of the size of Wallapop, Cornerjob and Glovo, for example.

Miguel is additionally both the co-founder and president of Barcelona Tech City, which is home to an ecosystem of more than 600 businesses working in the technological innovation field, and is a member of the board of Barcelona Global.